Encompass Sports Therapy Charitable Giving 2015

March 10, 2015

The team at Encompass Sports Therapy is dedicated to raising awareness and donating time and funds to great causes. In the past year, we’ve supported charitable events benefiting organizations like the Kidney Foundation, Children’s Miracle Network, the Alberta Children’s Hospital, and the Calgary Marathon Society.

This year, Encompass Sports Therapy has selected one local and one international charity to receive ongoing donations and support throughout the year. For 2015, we are proud to support Inn From the Cold and Opportunity International. Please read on to see how each organization has made a valuable difference in the field of poverty intervention and prevention. We hope that after reading about these wonderful causes, you will feel as passionately about them as we do.

Inn From the Cold
Inn From the Cold was founded 15 years ago and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of local community and business leaders. Inn From the Cold’s mission is to provide emergency shelter, support, and programs to homeless children, their families and others in need, with the goal of building healthy, stable families and ending homelessness. The foundation’s vision is for a community in which no family is homeless. The work of Inn From the Cold includes an emergency shelter, housing projects, and programs and partnerships aimed toward eliminating poverty and homelessness. For more information or to make a donation, please visit innfromthecold.org.

Opportunity International
Founded in 1971, Opportunity International provides access to savings, small business loans, insurance and training to over five million people working their way out of poverty in the developing world. Clients in more than 20 countries use these financial services to start or expand a business, provide for their families, create jobs for their neighbours and build a safety net for the future. Opportunity International works to provide financial solutions and training, which empowers people living in poverty to transform their lives, their children’s futures and their communities. The foundation’s vision is a world in which all people have the opportunity to achieve a life free from poverty, with dignity and purpose. For more information or to make a donation, please visit opportunityinternational.ca.

Conditions Profile: Whiplash

March 5, 2015

Whiplash, also known as cervical strain, is a soft tissue injury of the neck. It occurs when the neck has been vigorously jammed, rotated, flexed, or extended. Pain can occur anywhere from the base of the skull to the shoulder area. In sports, whiplash can occur when an athlete falls on their neck or head. Outside of sports, the most common cause of whiplash is a motor vehicle accident. Headaches are a common side effect that follows a whiplash injury.

Treatment Options: Treatment is customized based on the severity of the injury and symptoms, and can include soft tissue massage, Active Release Technique, electrical stimulation, IMS needling, and activity modification. Exercises to help strengthen cervical musculature and reestablish pain-free range of motion are important. In Alberta, anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident can be assessed for whiplash and may be entitled to up to 21 free treatments of chiropractic care, physiotherapy, or massage, based on the severity of their symptoms.