Celebrate Valentine’s Day in a Healthy Way

February 13, 2018

With the day of love just around the corner, we know that the chocolate, wine and a fancy dinner are on the menu. While it is nice to indulge a little (maybe even mandatory on Valentine’s Day) there are different ways to celebrate this day without too many goodies.

Here are some alternative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day around Calgary;

Go Outside!

As well as being conveniently located just an hour away from the Rocky Mountains, a prime hiking destination, Calgary has a number of parks and walks that set a wonderful scene for a romantic day out.

Try Something New!

There’s always something fun going on in this city, why not check out the Paint & Sip Studio, the Adults-only night at The Calgary Zoo, or Telus Spark’s Valentine’s Day exhibition.

Get Moving!

Dance classes, rock climbing, ice skating, there’s plenty of ways to be active this Valentine’s day.

It’s easy to stay active and healthy this Valentine’s day, especially in Calgary, by keeping your health top-of-mind and thinking outside the box.

Chiropractic Care Can Assist an Aging Population

February 1, 2018

A 2018 Southern Digest article suggests that chiropractic care can assist the quality of life of an aging population. In the United States, approximately 100 million seniors suffer from chronic pain, with many seeking alternatives to pharmaceutical pain management. Chiropractic care, the article states, may be the way forward.

The most common types of chronic pain found in the U.S. include back and neck pain, with patients, often finding that “[it] becomes a disease in its own right.” The article continues to say that even active seniors are still susceptible to this type of pain; as a result of dehydrated muscles, spinal discs and ligaments. However, Chiropractors can provide relief for these patients through “hands-on techniques that enhance flexibility, muscle strength, and a range of motion.”

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Acupuncture: Is it right for you?

A number of recent studies have shown that acupuncture treatment can have an impact on a person’s overall health, including migraine relief, quality of sleep and can even enhance fertility treatments.
Acupuncture “involves the use of sterile, single-use solid needles” that have an impact on muscle tone, pain perception, and immune responses. This treatment results in a general relaxation and feeling of well-being.

In a study published by Healthcare Medicine Institute, researchers found that acupuncture treatment is effective in the prevention and alleviation of migraines.  In the same publication, a study states that acupuncture enhances fertility treatment through “increasing the efficacy of clomifene for the treatment of infertility”.  A final study published in New Jersey Online suggests that acupuncture can provide patients with a “better overall sleep quality” that pharmaceutical alternatives.

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