How to Fix Sore Wrists: Simple Wrist Exercises for Recovery

March 30, 2018

Whether you strain your wrists using a computer for work or during a workout, wrist pain can be significant and impact your daily routine. While may people think that wrist aches or pains aren’t too important, fixing the problem right away ensures that pain will not affect your lifestyle.

An article in GMB Fitness suggests six simple exercises that can help strengthen the wrists to alleviate pain.

1. Fingers facing toward your knees, with palms facing down

2. Fingers facing toward your knees, with palms facing up

3. Fingers facing forward, palms down, then perform closed chain finger extension. Then you’ll emphasize fingers and your thumbs.

4. Back of the hand wrist extension (fingers facing each other in the middle).

5. Fingers facing backward on palm finger extension.

6. The same 3 positions as above, but in the top of a pushup position. 

It’s important to modify these exercises based on personal comfort but practicing these movements will increase the flexibility and strength of your wrists, resulting in decreased injury and pain.

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Staying Hydrated in the Winter Months

March 16, 2018

Everyone knows how important it is to stay hydrated and in the summer months its easier to notice when we need to drink water – but it’s just as important to maintain this going into the winter months.

According to a Healthy Living article, drinking water in the winter is crucial to a healthy lifestyle – water helps boost your immune system, helping ward off sickness in the peak cold and flu months. Additionally, water can increase your metabolism to get your beach body ready when the summer comes around again!

Because our body loses water the same during the summer and winter months, it’s important to maintain the same water intake during all twelve months of the year. Alberta winters also contribute to dry skin, and staying hydrated will make sure your skin doesn’t give in to the dry weather.

Staying hydrated contributes to an overall healthier lifestyle – maintain this year-long will help your health in the long term.

Tips to Avoid Snow Shoveling-related Injuries

March 10, 2018


During the winter months (and sometimes even fall and spring) snow is inevitable in our city, and shoveling is a reality. Although mostly everyone does it, not everyone keeps their body in mind while they shovel.

According to a Move Well Fit article, shoveling is great exercise, but only when done right. Shoveling snow incorporates core, strength and cardio training in one – working out the obliques, legs, back muscles and more.

Because of this, it’s important to be mindful of your body while shoveling. According to the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors, approximately 11,500 individuals in the United States (U.S.) experience a shoveling-related injury. Here are a few tips to ensure you won’t be one of them,


Stretching before shoveling ensures you won’t over-work the muscles used.

Choosing the Right Shovel

Buying a shovel that is made for snow; also, considering your height in choosing the length is important.

Shoveling Technique

Make sure to squat and bend your knees when picking up snow to avoid straining your back.

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