Class 4 Laser

Encompass Sports Therapy is excited to announce the addition of a deep tissue Class 4 laser to our practice. Some of the benefits associated with the innovative and effective technology of a deep tissue Class 4 laser include instant pain relief, decreased swelling, and enhanced healing times.

The Summus Laser has the strongest infrared laser wattage on the market at 30 Watts; making it 60 times stronger than most other therapeutic Class 3b lasers in the city. A typical Class 3b Laser would take hours to deliver the same therapeutic dose of energy that can be provided by a deep tissue Class 4 laser within minutes. Class 4 lasers are quick, effective, have a better depth of penetration, and the ability to focus on a larger area of treatment than a typical Class 3b laser.

Deep tissue Class 4 lasers are used to effectively treat arthritis, ligamentous sprains, muscular strains and tears, fractures, and many other painful conditions.

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