4 tips to relieving back pain

August 1, 2017

Today’s world is very different from the generations before.  More and more of us spend many hours every day in a seated position.  This includes driving, sitting at an office desk, at a dining table or in your comfy chair at home.
This sedentary change in life style can lead to constant back pain.

Here are 4 suggestions on how you can help relieve this back pain and obviously if you the problem still persists you can contact us at encompasscalgary.com.
We offer a variety of treatments from massage, Active Release Techniques, electrotherapeutic modalities and rehabilitation exercise.


A strong back has strong stabilizing muscles.  Try to work out at least twice a week.  Lower back exercises will strengthen the abs and legs which will in turn help support your spine. Not all exercises will be beneficial though and each person will have different needs so please feel free to consult.  We can tailor make a rehabilitation program for you.

Healthy Balanced Diet:

Excess weight will put more stress on the spine. Alleviate this stress by following a healthy balanced diet.  Consult your physician to discuss your options.


Bad posture will most certainly lead to back issues down the road, especially with the amount of sitting that the average person does in a week.  Try to sit stand straight and sit straight whenever you are seated and try to take regular breaks from sitting.

Correct Posture Standing

Keep shoulders back

Use your abdominals to keep your body upright and staight

Bend your knees very slightly to ease pressure on your hips

Correct Posture Seated

Head straight and not tilted

Keep your shoulders back and relaxed.

Knees slightly bent with feet flat on the floor

Know your limits:

Do not try to lift heavy objects if your back can not take the strain.  It is not worth it in the long run.  If you do have to lift heavy objects, in say your job, always bend your knees and lift with your legs not your back.