5 Exercises to correct bad posture

November 27, 2017

Exercise 1 : Chin Tuck

Start by sitting with a neutral posture.  Proceed by pulling your head backwards.  Try doing it in the mirror and you will see you make a double chin. Place two fingers from your right or left hand on your chin to help guide your neck and be sure to keep your eyes level looking straight ahead.  Hold the movement for 1-2 second and repeat.

Exercises 2:  Planks

Start by lying down so your body is parallel with the floor.  The toes should point straight down and be supporting your body and your arms should be bent at 90 degree angle with your forearms parallel to the floor.  Keep your back straight and hold for as long as possible.  If you can only manage 20 seconds the first time of trying try 30 the next time.

Exercise 3 : Doorway Stretch

Standing in a doorway lift your arm so it’s parallel with the floor and slightly bend the elbow.  Place your arm on the doorjamb.  Lean against the doorjamb for 10 seconds then relax and repeat

Exercises 4 : Supermans

Lie on your stomach.  Raise both your arms and feet off the ground at the same time as if you are flying (hence the name).  Hold the position for five seconds and repeat 5-10 times.

Exercises 5 : Pelvic Tilt

Lie on your back with your knees bent on the floor.  In this position your lower back should not be touching the floor.  Tighten your abdominals (stomach muscles)so that the lower back now presses flat against the floor.  Hold for 3-5second and repeat 5 times.

Exercises 6: Back Extensions

Lie down on your stomach.  Using your arms push your upper body of the floor and hold this position for 3-5 seconds.  Repeat 10 times.