5 Questions to ask your Chiropractor before starting treatment

September 18, 2017

Below we have provided five questions that you should ask your chiropractor before starting any treatment and we have given an example answer by answering what we as Chiropractors based in Calgary would respond with.

How long is a treatment?

At Coach Hill Chiropractor a treatment will last 15 minutes or more and this is a hands on, one on one treatment session. Every Chiropractors treatment schedule will be different though so remember to check this with them.

How long will it take for me to get better?

At Coachhill Chiropractor we like to say as fast as we can!
This is generally between 4-6 treatments in most cases but obviously it will depend on what is being treated. We have lots of tools to speed this up.

What training have you done after school to further your education?

Our practitioners have furthered their education in the form of ART (Active Release Technique), Graston, Etc

We offer Graston Technique, Active Release Technique and more

What options do I have if what we try doesn’t work?

There are the occasions where a treatment will not work and this case our practitioner has a variety of alternative methods to try. This can range from laser therapy to shockwave therapy and write ups for each can be found on our website https://encompasscalgary.com

Shockwave therapy is used to treat a variety of conditions

How can i keep this from coming back?

When it comes to preventing re-injury it is important to strengthen the weaknesses that led to the injury in the first place and this is done through rehabilitation or rehab for short.

Rehabilitation is very important in preventing further injuries