Do you have bad posture?

November 27, 2017

Chances are if you are reading this article you are doing so because you are suffering from some kind of neck or back issue and are looking to find out if it is your posture that is causing the issue.

Good posture is essential for a healthy neck and back but with us spending so many more hours in a seated position in today’s world it is easy to start falling into the bad habit of slouching.

How to test

Step 1:  Stand with your feet six inches from the wall and put your back flat against the wall, you can use your hand to make sure it is flat against the wall.  Then put your head against the wall and push your chin in.

Step 2:  Lift your arms up to parallel with your shoulders.  Your triceps (the back portion of your arms should be against the wall with your hands pointing away from the wall and down.  Rotate your arms backwards up against the wall so that they touch the wall.  Try to have you wrists touch the wall.

Step 3: If your back arches or you cannot touch the wall with your wrists you have failed the test and have bad posture.

If you failed be sure to check out our article on correcting bad posture