Do you suffer from shoulder pain?

November 27, 2017

Shoulder pain is a very common issue affecting many people on a daily basis.  It is easy to see why as the shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body and is also one of the most unstable joints in the body with nerves, tendons and ligaments surrounding it that can easily be injured and damaged.

Some of the most common shoulder pain causes are as follows:

  • Bursitis or tendonitis
  • Rotator cuff tear
  • Dislocated shoulder
  • Ligament injury
  • Calcium deposits in the tendons (Calcific tendonitis)
  • Arthritis (Inflammation in the joint)
  • Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis (stiffness in the shoulder)
  • Referred pain (Pain coming from an issue somewhere else such as the neck)

If you suffer from any of the above then you could benefit from seeing a qualified chiropractor.

To determine if you need to see a chiropractor about your condition take a look at the following symptom list below.

  1. Difficulty holding objects
  2. Reduced mobility in the shoulder area making it hard to raise your arms.
  3. Swelling in the shoulder area
  4. Dull ache in the shoulder even when in a restful state and lasts for days.
  5. Noticeable deformities to the shoulder area.

How Coach Hill Calgary Chiropractic can help with shoulder pain

If you suffer from any of the symptoms above there are a variety of different treatment options that we offer to help treat shoulder pain.  It is important to first book an appointment so we can assess you and then we can advise the best treatment available to treat your condition.