Forget the Opioids – Try Chiropractic Care

November 27, 2017

Dr. Jason Busse DC, Ph.D., Associate professor in the Department of Anesthesia at McMaster University, recently published a guideline in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) recommending chiropractic therapy as a remedy for non-cancer pain. The guideline, developed by professionals across the health sector, advocates for using multidisciplinary care options, such as chiropractic, in addition to lower doses of opioids as an option for treating chronic non-cancer pain (CNCP).

With a growing number of opioid overdoses resulting in an Alberta-wide public health crisis, a transition to alternative, non-pharmacological therapy for pain is essential in reducing this issue. As many opioid users suffer from primarily back or musculoskeletal disorders, the encouragement of non-opioid medications is essential in increasing the number of patients utilizing chiropractic care.

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