Get more out of your work outs with a sports massage

October 17, 2017

Take your workout to the next level with a sports massage! It doesn’t matter if you implement HIIT (High intensity interval training), jog, swim, lift weights or row a sports massage will help improve your activity as it involves getting deep into the tissue.  This is called myofascial release.  Our bodies get tight and this can cause restrictions in our daily workouts. Myofascial release works by loosening up this connective tissue.  When this happens it improves our ability to move and hence improves the quality of your workout. A restricted muscle such as a tight hamstring can really have a negative impact on your workout and can even lead to an injury.  Sports massage can help alleviate those issues and keep you running at your best.

Sports massage also has other added benefits such as boosting circulation and a massage directly after working out can also help in reducing the dreaded DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). This works by the body rushing blood to repair any micro tears within the muscle fiber that your workout just destroyed! Pretty neat!

If you are based in Calgary then come over to see us at and we will get you firing on all cylinders no matter what activity you partake in!