Graston for Post-Surgical Scarring

June 25, 2017

Scar tissue can be caused from an injury picked up in sport or other leisure activities or it can be formed as a result of a surgical procedure.  The scar tissue caused from surgical procedures is often the result of healthy tissue that is cut. This tissue then heals and does not heal as before.  It causes a fibrous mess and in certain locations it can greatly impact your range of motion and cause pain and stiffness.
This is where Graston comes in. Graston technique can help reduce and remove this scar tissue.

What is Graston?

Graston technique is a manual soft tissue technique that was developed by David Graston and uses a specialized stainless steel instrument with unique angles and edges to help break down scar tissue.

Why Graston?

Graston technique is one of the most effective procedures at breaking down this scar tissue.
At Calgary Encompass we use Graston to great effect in treating scar tissue resulting from post-surgery and injuries.  Graston along with stretching and strengthening exercises can help improve your range of motion, help alleviate pain and remove that troublesome scar tissue once and for all!

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