How do I know if I’ve gotten a concussion?

July 29, 2018

Concussions are a form of mild traumatic brain injury that alters the way our brain works. It may occur from a force to the head, neck, or other areas of the body. Concussions are caused by an acceleration, followed by a rapid deceleration of the brain within the skull.

There are many symptoms that have been reported with a concussion, including, but not limited to:

  • headache
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • mental fogginess
  • blurred vision
  • decrease in balance
  • memory loss
  • confusion
  • drowsiness

Symptoms may appear right away or some may not appear until later. Some concussions may cause you to lose consciousness; however, most do not. Impact sports increase the probability of suffering from a concussion.

If you believe you have suffered a concussion, it is important to stop the activity you are doing. You may also want to consider contacting a medical professional, especially if symptoms continue for a few days. The majority of concussions have a short recovery timeline, but for some, recovery can take months. There are many factors that play into recovery timelines, including, but not limited to, age, type of injury, number of past concussions, and symptoms.

One of our Physiotherapists, Stephanie Thumlert, is trained in the assessment and treatment of concussions. If you are in Calgary and are worried that you might have suffered a concussion, please give us a call. Stephanie also performs baseline concussion testing, so that you can determine whether you have suffered a concussion if injured in the future.