May 9, 2017


With many articles stating the benefits and pitfalls of hydrating, Robert Sallis, medical director of the Ironman World Championships, sheds light on the truth about hydration. As a professional who has encountered numerous dehydration cases, Sallis says that the cause of this is the “heap of misinformation on hydration.” Proper hydration plays an integral role in the mental and physical performance of the body, but overhydrating can at worst lead to hyponatremia.

Nanci Guest, sports dietitian and PhD at the University of Toronto, has worked with some of Canada’s top athletes. She has identified an accurate indicator of dehydration and ways in which to stay appropriately hydrated. Guest suggests that, as thirst is subjective, it is not a sufficient indicator of dehydration; instead, measuring your weight before and after exercise will give you an estimate of how much fluid you have excreted during exercise. Additionally, Guest and Sallis insist that drinks containing sodium are more effective in regulating water retention during strenuous sporting events.

Sallis’s research into the hydration process of the body during sporting events has presented him with a number a tips and tricks to ensure your body is hydrated appropriately. For more information visit: https://www.outsideonline.com/2148776/new-rules-hydration