Laser Therapy

December 5, 2017

Low-level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has been used as an alternative to pharmacological drugs to manage chronic pain for over a decade.  LLLT has been seen to mimic the effects of anti-inflammatory drugs in the body, resulting in patients being less drug-reliant in chronic pain management.

Encompass and Sports Therapy clinic uses The Cube 4 K-Laser, Calgary’s strongest treatment laser, to assist their patients who suffer from chronic pain. Class 4 lasers deliver larger doses of laser light to a larger volume of tissue, in a shorter period of time; making this laser treatment far more efficient than previous models. Additionally, the class 4 laser can treat a larger spectrum of conditions, including myofascial pain syndromes, arthritic joints, soft tissue injuries and debilitating conditions.

The Class 4 K-Laser can deliver laser energy to deeper tissues, without warming the outer tissues, demonstrating consistent results while being a safer pain management alternative to medication.

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