Physiotherapy Can Help Treat Headaches

April 13, 2017

Can physiotherapy cure headaches? An article by Brendon Samson suggests that, as headaches are primarily a sign of upper neck region dysfunction, physiotherapy could be an alternative to medicated control of headaches.

Of the three primary types of headaches, tension-type, migraine and cervicogenic, physiotherapy has shown the most results when treating cervicogenic. Some signs of cervicogenic headaches include one-sided pain that is worsened by neck movements and located at the base of the skull. If you are unsure about the type of headaches you experience, a physiotherapist can perform specific tests to differentiate a migraine from a headache.

If you fit into this category or are still unsure of the cause of your headaches, why not seek a physiotherapy consultation to find out if there is a non-medicated cure or control for your pain!

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