Physiotherapy, Laser and Fracture Repair

October 25, 2021

Our SE Calgary Physiotherapists are able to speed up the healing time for fractures using a class 4 laser!

Class 4 laser has many uses. It decreases inflammation, speeds up cellular repair, and increases healthy blood flow. These traits make it highly effective in treating a variety of conditions. From ankle sprains to low back stiffness, our physiotherapists often employ laser as part of their treatment.

With fractures, there is an additional healing requirement that the class 4 laser is key in facilitating. Bone healing requires osteoblasts to create new bone. Studies have shown that the class 4 laser increases the production of these osteoblasts, the bone forming cells of the body. This is the mechanism by which the laser is able to speed up recovery of fractures by as much as 60% in some studies!

If you have a fracture and are looking to speed up recovery, consider booking with one of our SE Calgary Physiotherapists. They are experts with rehabilitation, soft tissue work, and the addition of the laser to your treatment means the fastest recovery time possible for fractures.