Sitting – the new smoking!

November 27, 2017

Sitting is the new smoking! Many of us now have desk jobs, commute to and from work via a car, train or bus and spend our leisure time sitting on the couch on our smart phones or watching TV.
Sitting in an office chair for prolonged hours each day will have an incredibly adverse effect on our bodies.  This prolonged seating can lead to lower back pain, cause neck issues and one study has even linked it to other such issues such as cardiovascular disease. What is worse is that studies have found that it doesn’t matter how much you exercise – it does not negate the damage caused by sitting.

Walk to work or stand on the train/bus

If you can walk to work instead of drive do it! If you catch the bus and or a train stand instead of sit during your journey

Replace Your Desk for a sit-stand work station

If possible switch your desk out for a stand up desk.

Take stretch breaks

If it is just not possible to switch your desk then try standing and stretching every 30mins or whatever time periods you can manage based on your job. Also try going for a walk during your work breaks.

Switch your office chair

The trend right now is to switch your chair for a swiss ball style chair but the science has shown this causes more problems.  Folks do not change their seating styles they just end up in more discomfort.  If you have to continue sitting try switching your chair out for an ergonomic chair.