Stretching to Help Prevent Back Pain

October 15, 2015

An exercise program designed to stretch and strengthen your back and core muscles can help you heal from acute back pain, and help prevent recurrence. This advice comes from a new article published by the Harvard Medical School. (The full article is available HERE).

Stretching and strengthening will lead to stronger, more flexible muscles that are less prone to future injury! Tight muscles restrict joint mobility, which increases the likelihood of sprains and strains. Any exercise or stretching program should be done under expert supervision, and customized to meet the goals and everyday tasks of the individual.

Weak back and abdominal muscles are a major cause of low back pain, and these, along with gluteal muscles, should be targeted in any stretching and strengthening program. Our SW Calgary physiotherapist and chiropractors are biomechanics experts, and are familiar with the latest research on proper stretching and strengthening techniques that help relieve and prevent low back pain. To book an appointment either for an assessment or to get treatment on a current low back injury, book online or call 403-249-4544.