Summer Hydration

July 7, 2014

In the summer months, it is especially important to stay hydrated. We can sometimes get away with under-hydrating in winter months, but the summer magnifies our water deficits. We sweat more, and are generally more active during the summer months, which makes hydration not only important but mandatory. Dehydration during hot summer activities can lead to heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and even death if not dealt with properly.
You should always drink between 1 and 2 liters of water a day, and in summer months 2 liters a day is ideal. Aside from the more serious risks like heat stroke, dehydration can lead to many other symptoms. Headaches, muscle cramps, fatigue, and dizziness are just some of the symptoms associated with insufficient water intake.
When you are out this summer, remember to stay hydrated, and take steps to avoid excessive heating by wearing a hat and breathable clothing.