Clinic Updates

We are Hiring a New Physiotherapist

Encompass Sports Therapy (EST) is searching for an energetic and enthusiastic physiotherapist to join the team at its second location in Cranston, Calgary. The successful candidate will practice in a collaborative environment alongside chiropractors, physiotherapists, registered massage therapists, and an acupuncturist. All members of the EST team employ evidence-informed assessment and treatment techniques including manual…

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Encompass Sports Therapy Offers Physiotherapy in Cranston

Our second location, Encompass Sports Therapy SE, now offers physiotherapy services. Our Cranston physiotherapist will offer the same services that we do at our Coach Hill location. This includes shockwave, class 4 laser, active release, graston, taping, needling, and other techniques. Our Cranston physiotherapist will offer one on one treatments in private rooms. We never…

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Online Booking for all services

Did you know you are now able to create an account, book appointments and cancel appointments if you need to reschedule, all online! Do you have multiple appointments? Take a look at the calendar on your account with Encompass Sports Therapy, and you can see at a glance the dates and times for your appointments!…

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Michael Herman Physiotherapist Calgary SW

Welcoming our Newest Physiotherapist, Mike Herman

We would like to welcome our newest therapist, Mike Herman. Mike is a Calgary physiotherapist who works with all kinds of patients. He specializes in rehabilitation from sports injuries. Mike graduated from the University of Alberta with his degree in Physiotherapy in 2017, and has been working in Calgary ever since. He has a special…

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Encompass Sports Therapy Adds 5th Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist Calgary: Five Physiotherapists Now at Encompass Our SW Calgary Physiotherapists are expertly trained in correcting pain and dysfunction in the muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments that keep us moving. Injuries and imbalances caused by every day stresses can be fixed with the unique approach of our physiotherapy team. On your first visit, our physiotherapist…

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