Achilles tendonopathy

The Achilles’ tendon is a large tendon that connects the calf to the heel bone. Sudden or profound increases in volume, intensity, and duration of work activities or exercises that stress the posterior leg and calf muscles can cause tiny injuries and micro-tears to the Achilles’ tendon resulting in pain, swelling, and stiffness. Weakness of the Achilles’ tendon may also occur as a result of the micro-tears created by chronically tight and tense posterior leg muscles. Those with chronic, untreated Achilles tendonopathy may be more susceptible to Achilles’ tendon tearing or rupture.

Treatment Options:
IMS (needling) and Active Release Techniques can assist in repairing strained and inflamed tissue in the posterior leg. Taping can be used to relieve pain at the achilles tendon insertion. In the long term, postural corrections and rehabilitation are required to strengthen the gastrocs, soleus, and glute muscles to prevent undue strain on the achilles tendon.