Sciatica Treatment in Calgary

If you are suffering from Sciatica in Calgary, and looking for sciatica treatment, we can help! Our Calgary chiropractors and physiotherapist are trained in several techniques that help with sciatica treatment. Active Release, Graston, IMS, adjusting, and rehabilitation are all important, depending on the cause of your sciatica.

Sciatic pain occurs when something compresses the sciatic nerve, which sends pain down one or both legs. There are three different “types” of sciatica that require slightly different sciatica treatments.

Sacroiliac Joint Sprain:

This does not lead to true sciatica, but sends referral pain down a leg and mimics sciatica symptoms. The pain tends to stop before the knee, and once the joint’s motion is restored and the muscles are loosened, symptoms resolve quickly.

Treatments: Adjustments, Active Release, Graston.

Piriformis Syndrome:

Muscles around the sciatic nerve can tighten, pressing on the nerve and sending pain as far down as the foot. Our Calgary Chiropractors and Calgary Physiotherapist use Active Release Techniques (ART), Graston, IMS (needling), and other methods to release the tension in these muscles, which eliminates the pain! This sciatica treatment gets results fast, and our therapists teach patients methods to help prevent its return.

Treatments: Active Release, Graston, IMS.

Discogenic Pain:

A disc can press on the nerve roots as they exit the spinal cord, sending pain down the sciatic nerve as far as the toes. Disc issues can lead to numbness, muscle weakness, and severe pain. Depending on the severity of the disc injury, surgery may even be required. But, for most cases of discogenic pain, or disc bulge, the therapies our chiropractor and physiotherapist offer can provide permanent relief.

Treatments: Active Release, Acupuncture, Laser.