Shoulder Pain Treatment

Shoulder pain can be caused by a variety of issues.

Shoulder pain is often debilitating, interfering with work and activity. There are several treatment interventions, however, that can help with most shoulder issues.

Rotator Cuff Impingement:

With rotator cuff impingement, specific bones in the shoulder compress the rotator cuff tendons. The acromion usually helps protect the shoulder muscles, but when a patient has dynamic instability in their rotator cuff, overhead movements can cause compression or even tearing of the supraspinatus ligament. If caught early, tearing can be prevented, and the damage from the impingement can be corrected. Our Calgary Chiropractor and Calgary Physiotherapist are trained in a variety of treatments that help to not only reduce the impingement, but help restore normal movement of the shoulder girdle to prevent future recurrence.

Treatment: Shockwave, Active Release, IMS, Taping


Repetitive use of the shoulder can cause friction between the tendons or between tendon and bone. This overuse friction can lead to inflammation within a muscle or muscle groups in the rotator cuff. The inflammation can be eased with ice or ultrasound, but it is better to relieve the tension throughout the shoulder to ensure a more complete recovery.

Treatment: Shockwave, Active Release, IMS, Taping, Ice, Ultrasound


Shoulder bursitis is usually a secondary issue from one of the above mentioned conditions. A bursa fills with fluid in response to excess fluid being produced.
If you are suffering from shoulder pain in calgary and would like to be assessed to determine the exact cause of your discomfort, give the clinic a call or book online to see one of our Calgary chiropractors or Calgary physiotherapist.