Treating and Managing Wrist Pain

Hand and wrist pain due to repetitive strain injury are among the most prevalent occupational hazards today due to typing and smart phones. We treat these injuries often at Encompass Sports Therapy in Calgary, using Active Release Techniques, Laser, and Shockwave.
Here are 4 tips to help you use at home to help reduce hand and wrist pain.

1. Reposition. Posture plays an important role in hand and wrist movement. Ensure you sit tall and have an ergonomically sound chair with your feet flat on the floor to make sure that you’re not slouching and placing undue stress on your hands and wrists. If you are typing adjust the keyboard so that your arms are at a 90 degreeangle at the elbow.

2. Wear a wrist brace. You can minimize pain and maintain proper wrist and arm alignment with a wrist brace that will keep from putting more stress on the impacted areas.

3. Take frequent breaks and stretch. Take a break from sitting for the sake of your neck, shoulders, and lower back, the same consideration must be afforded to your precious paws. Don’t forget to stretch your fingers!

4. Consult your physiotherapist. Don’t forget to book an appointment with your chiropractor or physiotherapist who can offer a variety of treatments that can be applied to ease your hand and wrist pain, including manual therapy, range-of-motion exercises, strengthening exercises, and potentially even acupuncture, dry needling, and more.