Six Daily Exercises to Boost Mobility and Balance

Dr. Kelly Starrett, a physical therapist at CrossFit San Francisco, is an expert in the development of mobility exercises. Starrett’s routine of six stretches can improve an athlete’s range of motion, while boosting general flexibility and balance. These six exercises, according to Starrett, “lead to enhanced function,” when performed daily and held for two minutes each.

The stretches are organized based on time of day to produce the optimal benefits of the positions; a participant should focus on contracting and relaxing their effected muscles while in the stretches. Morning exercises involve stretching the hip flexors, quadriceps and upper back; pre-exercise routines include hip mobilization and leg swings, ending the day with an emphasis on the soft tissue in the feet. These easy-to-do practices help increase mobility in the body and ensures the maintenance of an active lifestyle.

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