Tamara Piwin, RMT

September 24, 2019

Tamara graduated  from The Professional Institute of Massage Therapy in 2009. As a registered massage therapist, she is trained in deep tissue massage , therapeutic massage,  pre/postnatal massage, myofascial dynamic cupping, swedish massage and Craniosacral Therapy.  With Craniosacral,  Tamara has taken courses specializing in pediatrics and geriatrics.

She continues to enjoy taking courses and gaining further knowledge on new modalities, techniques and information to help individuals the best way she can.

Lorrae Galloway RMT

January 5, 2018

Lorrae graduated from Foothills College in 2005 as a Registered Massage Therapist and has been working in a clinic setting ever since; for many years she has also provided wellness therapy programs in the corporate workplace. Lorrae has regularly enhanced her skills over the past 12 years, adding a range of therapeutic techniques, such as myofascial release, cupping, pregnancy massage, cranial sacral therapy, active isolated stretching and chair massage, along with a number of tissue-specific techniques.

Her specialty is combining Swedish Massage and Myofascial Release, which is a deep, slow, friction-based technique that treats skeletal muscle immobility and pain by relaxing contracted muscles, improving blood circulation, and stimulating the stretch reflex in muscles. This is particularly effective for chronic conditions.

Believing that self-care is critical, Lorrae frequently designs and recommends at-home exercise and stretching programs. As a professional practitioner, Lorrae is continuously investing in learning new techniques and skills to deliver the best care to her clients.

Carmen Mandel RMT

August 29, 2016

Carmen has worked as a Registered Massage Therapist since graduating from Mount Royal University in 2008. She is trained in all types of massage, but prefers deep tissue/sports massage, and pregnancy massage. She is a registered member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada.
Carmen has continued to learn new techniques to provide the best possible treatment for her patients. She has taken courses in Active Release Techniques, Hot Stone massage, as well as numerous sports injury courses.

In her spare time, Carmen enjoys running, yoga, skiing, and anything outdoors!

Ocean Burns BKin, RMT

Ocean graduated with honours from the 2200 hour program at MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy. She has also completed a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Calgary, and was a member of the U of C varsity wrestling team for four years. Her background in athletics and dealing with injuries has given her great insight into how important it is to support and care for your body to better enjoy your every day life and activities.

Ocean is passionate about learning more ways to treat the human body. To that end, she is currently enrolled in her fifth year of an Osteopathic Manual Therapy program in order to broaden her knowledge and scope of practice, and to provide the best possible care for her clients.

Ocean has a full body approach during her treatments that combines her massage therapy knowledge with the lessons from the Canadian School of Osteopathy. She incorporates joint mobilization, visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy, and myofascial work during each treatment as needed.

When she is not studying, Ocean heads to the mountains with her husband and dogs to connect with Nature.

Joel Pasloski, RMT

June 11, 2020
Joel Pasloski graduated from the 2200-hour Massage program at the Western College of Remedial Massage Therapies in Regina, Saskatchewan in 2018. Prior to his time as a massage therapist, Joel spent a few years in the field as an Instrumentation & Controls Technician. He had always been interested in healthcare and working with athletes, however, and after consulting with friends in the massage industry, decided to make the change to a career in massage therapy.
As a former bodybuilding and physique competitor, Joel’s passion remains in working with weightlifters and patients who suffer from repetitive strain injuries.  He finds fulfilment in educating and empowering his clients to take control of their own bodies through healthy lifestyles and preventative exercise.
Since moving to Calgary in 2018, Joel has discovered a love for climbing and woodworking.  In his spare time, you can find him either at the Climbing Center or in his workshop manufacturing products based on seasonal demand.


Neo Tshambani RMT

August 29, 2016

Neo Tshambani graduated from the 2200 hour massage program at Mount Royal University, and has been helping clients for six years. She is trained in various forms of therapy, but specializes in therapeutic, deep tissue massage. In addition to her initial education, Neo has continued to take courses that will assist in treating her patients. Neo recently completed a course in cupping, which allows her to better break longstanding soft tissue and fascial adhesions. She also incorporates PNF stretching into some of her massages to help increase flexibility.

Neo is a registered member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada. In her spare time, Neo keeps active. She enjoys yoga and zumba, and participates in many sports, including volleyball, softball, and tennis. She recently participated in a 10km race, and hopes to run more races in the future!

Tracy Kellett RMT

April 8, 2021
Tracy has been a Registered Massage Therapist for over 15 years. She graduated from Foothills College of Massage, and specializes in therapeutic, relaxation and prenatal massage.
Tracy customizes her massages to fit the needs of her patients, and works with them to improve their overall health and wellness. She has additional certificates in nutrition, aromatherapy, reflexology and hot stone therapy.
Outside of work you will find her spending time outdoors with her family, on adventures with her dog, out for a run or on a field playing soccer!