About Encompass Holistic Health

Encompass Holistic Health provides a warm and friendly environment for you and your family. Our SW Calgary wellness center offers a variety of effective treatments from dedicated professionals.

Our Values

The team at Encompass Holistic Health believes in approaching each person that enters our clinic with compassion, respect, integrity, accountability, and collaboration with our patient and the rest of their care team.



Working together for optimal patient outcomes.


Recognizing the experience of others and acting in service to provide care.



Acknowledging, considering, and acting with due regard for the traditions, rights, feelings, and wishes of another.



Utilizing honesty and moral principles to guide our interactions, education, and clinical interventions.



Upholding a sense of responsibility to those whom we serve.

Our Team at Encompass Holistic Health

The team at Encompass Holistic Health believes in collaborative care for you and your family.

This means that each therapist will assess thoroughly to determine the best treatment plan for your needs, as well as suggest adding a team member to your support team as for the best results, or refer out to another profession if they feel you need a different approach.

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