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Providing excellence in chiropractic care, physiotherapy and massage therapy in Calgary. We use a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to achieve effective results and ensure you reach your goals

About Us

At Encompass Sports Therapy, our philosophy is grounded in providing our patients with the most effective and efficient treatment possible, and being open about what we do and why we do it.

We believe in all-in-one pricing, meaning that there are no add-ons no matter how many different types of treatments we perform on a patient within a specific discipline. A patient may receive shockwave, deep tissue laser, taping, Active Release Techniques, Graston, needling and rehabilitation exercises all in a single physiotherapy or chiropractic session. Another unique aspect of our approach to care is that our physiotherapists and chiropractors are virtually interchangeable, both within disciplines and between. Our therapists were all trained similarly, and share the same goal of using whatever means at our disposal to get patients better as quickly as possible.

If there was a distinguishing feature between our physiotherapists and chiropractors, it would be that the chiropractors may choose to use more joint movement techniques such as manual or instrument-assisted adjustments and mobilizations, while our physiotherapists may choose to focus more on rehabilitation.

Our entire team is trained in CPR, AHS PPE & Infection Control, Allyship and Anti-Racism in the Healthcare Setting and Trauma Informed Care.

Our Values

Encompass Sports Therapy (EST) provides multidisciplinary, collaborative, evidence-informed assessment, treatment, education, and programs that are dedicated to returning individuals to their pre-injury lifestyle, quickly and safely. Our mission is to be an excellent option for multidisciplinary, collaborative, evidence-informed care within our community.​



Working together for optimal patient outcomes.


Recognizing the experience of others and acting in service to provide care.



Acknowledging, considering, and acting with due regard for the traditions, rights, feelings, and wishes of another.



Utilizing honesty and moral principles to guide our interactions, education, and clinical interventions.



Upholding a sense of responsibility to those whom we serve.

Our Goals


We also partner with several other top healthcare providers across the city. This will help our patients to avail treatment modalities that are not offered at our clinics with ease.

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