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We are a physiotherapy clinic in Calgary with centers in Coach Hill, SW and Cranston, SE. We have an expert team of physiotherapists with 150+ years of combined experience. Our physiotherapists are fully certified in IMS/dry needling, acupuncture, shockwave therapy, kinesiotaping, manual therapies, and laser therapy. Book your appointment online to meet with one of our experts.

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Benefits of Physiotherapy

eliminates pain

Reduces or Eliminates Pain

With physiotherapy, you can say goodbye to painkillers and opioids. It includes therapeutic exercises, and various soft tissue and joint mobilization techniques, such as electric stimulation or taping that the therapist prescribes specifically for your condition. These techniques help restore your muscles, effectively reduce pain and also prevent pain from reoccurring in the long run.

Helps to Avoid Surgery

Physiotherapy helps avoid surgeries to a great extent by aiding the body’s natural healing process. In cases where surgery is inevitable, the Pre and Post-rehab programs can mitigate various complications related to the surgery. Pre-surgery physiotherapy strengthens your tissues to heal faster. Post-surgery therapy facilitates the quicker restoration of your tissues back to normal.

improves overall strength and coordination

Improves Overall Strength and Coordination

Physiotherapy includes a specific combination of strengthening exercises targeting an individual or a group of muscles. These exercises overload the muscles up to the fatigue point thereby promoting muscular growth and increasing strength. They also improve muscle function, coordination, and quality of movement while reducing the risks of arthritic ailments and injuries in the future.

improves mobility

Improves Mobility

Regardless of age if you have difficulties walking, standing, or in certain movements, physiotherapy is the best solution. Besides stretches and exercises, your therapist may add assistive gadgets, crutches, a cane, etc to enhance your posture and activity. With a highly customized care plan, the activity or movement can be improved in a safe manner.

Conditions Treated at
Our Physiotherapy Clinic

Musculoskeletal Injuries

Conditions treated by our physiotherapists include: sprains or strains of ligaments or muscles, tendinitis or tendinopathies, bursitis, Fractures, dislocation, meniscal tears, labral tears, plantar fasciitis, calcific tendinitis and temporomandibular (TMJ) disorders.

Repetitive Strains

Some repetitive strain conditions that we see at our clinics include: carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff injuries, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, de Quervain's tenosynovitis and postural stress syndrome.

Degenerative Conditions

Our physiotherapists treat many degenerative conditions, including: knee osteoarthritis, hip osteoarthritis, shoulder arthritis, degenerative disc disease, and facet joint arthritis in the neck and back.

Injuries Related to Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVAs)

MVA injuries that often require treatment include: whiplash, concussion, sprains, strains and vestibular dysfunction.

Sports Related Injuries

A variety of injuries can arise from sports, and our physiotherapists see everything from common overuse injuries (such as Achilles tendonosis, patellar tendonosis, and shin splints), to traumatic injuries and concussions.

Pelvic Health Conditions

Our pelvic health physiotherapists are experienced in treating all conditions related to the pelvic floor. These conditions include: prolapse, urinary and bowel incontinence, pelvic pain, prenatal and postnatal concerns, and weak or tight pelvic floor muscles

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Super happy with front of house staff and my Physiotherapist, Kristy Wu. It is important to me to support another person of colour as this industry is run dominantly by white men. I feel incredibly safe and comfortable with everyone I have encountered there. I appreciate Kristys approach, knowledge, and her compassion to towards the aide to heal the body. I highly recommend this place, and Kristy to anyone out there.
Jessica Yee
I've been seeing Dr. Michael Herman for just over 2 months now, he's been helping me with my plantar fasciitis and a nagging wrist injury. Dr. Herman is fantastic, he not only provides effective treatment targeted at the root cause of the problem, he always takes the time to explain what he's doing and more importantly, why he's doing it. He also sends you a detailed exercise plan in case you forget the number of repetitions you have to do. I've gone from not being able to run at all to running 5k consistently every second day. Being in the healthcare field myself, I see a lot of different practitioners and I would highly recommend Dr. Herman for physio treatment.
Sergey Bochkarnikov
I had shoulder surgery and went to this office and saw Stephanie the physiotherapist. Within 3 months, I was back golfing. She was awesome. The shoulder has never felt better. There have been no problems. I would recommend Stephanie for any physiotherapy you need. Also, the staff here are all wonderful.
Mario Levesque

FAQs on Physiotherapy

On your first visit, our physiotherapist will ask questions about your symptoms, and perform a complete biomechanical, functional, and neurological assessment to determine the cause of your pain, limitation, or dysfunction. Once the condition has been diagnosed, they will design a treatment plan to improve mobility and strength, and decrease pain.

In most cases, our physiotherapists will provide treatment on the first visit. The only exception to this would be cases where the patient’s symptoms indicate a more serious underlying medical condition. Luckily, our physiotherapy team is expertly trained to ensure that cases that require further imaging or management are referred to the proper healthcare professional.

Our physiotherapists offer one-on-one, personalized sessions using a variety of techniques. All of our therapists are fully certified in IMS/dry needling, acupuncture, shockwave therapy, kinesiotaping, manual therapies, and laser therapy. By combining these skills, they are able to get fast, effective results for their patients, and help educate them to prevent future injury.

Unlike big box physiotherapy clinics that double and triple book and treat in an open concept space, our treatments are always one on one and in a private room. If a physiotherapist wants to show a patient stretches or exercises, we have a fully equipped rehab space that can be accessed by our practitioners. But, the majority of our treatments are hands on, in private, and are always geared towards getting patients better as quickly as possible.

A good chiropractor and a good physiotherapists are actually quite similar. Both provide hands on, one on one treatment. Both are educated in multiple treatment techniques, and both are able to customize treatment to fit a patient’s specific condition. All of our physiotherapists and chiropractors are similarly trained.

The one difference might be that chiropractors are able to adjust, which might be more beneficial for acute, joint-related injuries, while physiotherapists have more experience with rehabilitation, and might be the better option for a more long term, lingering issue. A lot of our patients actually seek out both therapies; chiropractic for their acute pain, and physiotherapists to rehab and better prevent future injury.

Encompass Sports Therapy offers physiotherapy services from 7am to 7pm Monday through Thursday, 7am to 5:30pm on Friday, and 9am-1pm on Saturdays. Our physiotherapists are always accepting new patients, and you can check their availability by clicking our Book Online tab or by calling the clinic! Encompass Sports Therapy direct bills to most insurance plans.

In most cases, you do not need a referral from a doctor to see a physiotherapist. They are considered primary healthcare provider so you can see them directly without a referral from a doctor. All the major personal health insurance companies do cover physiotherapy treatment. Please make sure to check in with your insurance company if you are covered for the physiotherapy services.


It’s always a good idea to wear something comfortable in which you will be able to move freely. Bring a pair of shorts if it is a lower back, hip, knee, ankle, or a foot problem. Bring a tank top/ t-shirt if it is a neck, upper back, shoulder, elbow, or hand problem. In case you forget to bring comfortable clothing we do have shorts and gowns in the clinic for our clients. Your comfort and personal privacy is always respected by our therapists.

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