About Us

At Encompass Sports Therapy, our philosophy is grounded in providing our patients with the most effective and efficient treatment possible, and being open about what we do and why we do it.

We believe in all in one pricing, meaning that there are no add-ons no matter how many different types of treatments we perform on a patient within a specific discipline. A patient may receive shockwave, Deep Tissue Laser, Taping, Active Release Techniques, Graston, needling and exercises all in a single physiotherapy or chiropractic session. That’s another thing that’s unique about our philosophy – our physiotherapists and chiropractors are virtually interchangeable, both within disciplines and between. Our therapists were all trained similarly, and share the same goal of using whatever means at our disposal to get patients better as quickly as possible.

If there was a distinguishing feature between our Calgary physiotherapists and chiropractors, it would be that the chiropractors are able to adjust their patients when necessary, and our physiotherapists have a broader background in rehabilitation. Our entire team is trained in CPR, AHS PPE & Infection Control, and Allyship and Anti-Racism in the Healthcare Setting.

Every One of Our Tools Has a Purpose

We offer a lot of services and treatment options at Encompass Sports Therapy, and everyone serves a specific function.

The Purpose of Our Deep Tissue Laser

Class 4 lasers are the strongest, deepest penetrating lasers on the market. They have a wattage that is 40 times that of a Class 3 Laser. The main goal of Deep Tissue Laser is to restore blood flow to damaged tissue, often to help clear accumulated inflammation from an acute injury. The dramatic heat that 20 Watts or more creates brings blood flow to the area, and within that blood are things like macrophages to clear detritus and debris from the damaged cells, which quickly reduces swelling. In addition, the laser has specific wavelengths that help with healing. Specific wavelengths induce red blood cells to dump what they are carrying in the area, which tends to be oxygen. Other wavelengths speed up the production of ATP by the mitochondria of cells. ATP is what cells use as energy when they are repairing cell walls and membranes, which further speeds up healing.

Knowing the mechanisms by which the Deep Tissue Laser works can help you better understand why it is a key part of our treatments, whether with our Calgary Physiotherapists or chiropractors. Laser can help with any acute injury, like a low back facet joint sprain, a rolled ankle, a sprained wrist or even a fracture. But, it can also help with a more longstanding injury like a chronically inflamed rotator cuff, trochanteric bursitis, plantar fasciitis, or tennis elbow. With these specific injuries, where there is a chronic component and things are not improving on their own, we often turn to shockwave therapy.

The Purpose of our Calgary Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy uses soundwaves to mimic a microtrauma in a previously injured area. With chronic injuries, the body has often stopped trying to repair the area. When an injury first occurs, the pain signals that the brain receives are treated seriously, and the brain begins the acute healing cascade. Macrophages are sent to eat dead or damaged tissue, cytokines and interleukins are sent to nourish healing tissue, and fibroblasts are activated to create new tissue. This process continues for up to 12 weeks, at which time tissue remodeling takes place, which has most of its success in the following 12 weeks. So, around 6 months from the time of the initial injury, the brain ends its healing response, and moves on to other tasks.

Shockwave essentially tricks the brain into restarting the acute healing process. The frequency and type of pain that the shockwave creates mimics a new injury, and gives the area a second chance at healing. In addition to triggering the acute healing response, the soundwaves created by the shockwave can remodel calcification and adhesion in muscles and tendons.

Shockwave therapy works especially well on chronic injuries involving tendons, including calcific tendonosis, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and plantar fasciitis. At times, when an injury is both acutely inflamed and is longstanding, we will use both the shockwave and the Class 4 Laser.

Active Release Techniques (ART) in Calgary

On practically any injury we treat, our practitioners utilize active release techniques. ART is a hands on therapy where adhesions between tissues are separated and repaired. When overused, tissues inflame, which makes them prone to adhere to one another and to fascia. By creating tension on a muscle while passing it through its range of motion, we are able to release these adhesions. Releasing adhesions and scar tissue allows for more fluid movement, but also restores blood flow deep into muscles, which allows them to function properly and heal. Active Release can be used to treat any of the conditions listed above, as well as anything else that is primarily muscular in presentation.


Intramuscular stimulation creates microtraumas similar to shockwave therapy. It has been shown to increase healing in injuries throughout the body, including chronic injuries that require renewed blood flow to heal. The microtraumas created heal quickly, as they are microscopic in size. IMS has its advantages over shockwave in some respects, as it can be done almost anywhere on the body, whereas the shockwave works best for tendinous injuries. Some patients respond better to needling, and some respond better to shockwave, which is why it’s important for us to be able to offer all of these services at one fixed cost.

All of our physiotherapists and 3 of our Calgary Chiropractors are trained in IMS and acupuncture. In addition to IMS, our therapists also perform electro stim acupuncture, which helps to clear inflammation on sprains and other highly painful injuries.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Spinal joints can become restricted in their motion, either through an acute injury or chronic stresses. Chiropractic adjustments help restore this motion. WIthout coupling the adjustment with muscle work, however, the results often do not last. We use Active Release, Graston, Shockwave, and other modalities to break adhesions in muscles, and loosen the tissues that might be preventing the joint from functioning properly.

Graston Technique

Graston uses stainless steel tools to help break adhesions, mainly in the fascia. This is often performed in conjunction with Active Release as a more broad, generalized approach to breaking adhesions.

Massage Therapy

Our massage therapists are all trained in deep tissue massage. They are able to relieve tension in muscles and help restore blood flow to areas with chronic issues. Our team works collaboratively, so our chiropractors and physiotherapists will often discuss cases with the massage therapists prior to treatment, so they know what has worked in the past, and what might need to be done in the massage. Massage therapists are often trained in other techniques. Cupping, Graston, Osteopathy, and pregnancy massage are some of the additional modalities that our therapists can add to their deep tissue massage.


A key part of our philosophy is making sure that we leave patients better equipped to handle the physical stresses of their life. To that end, rehabilitation is a key component to any treatment plan we provide. Our rehab space is equipped to help show patients how to better lift, reach, and move. Physiotherapists or our personal trainer can help patients develop proper movement patterns by offering an individualized rehab plan. Our goal is not only to get you out of pain, but to keep you out of pain!

With this variety of modalities, our team is able to treat almost any musculoskeletal condition. For a brief synopsis of some of the conditions that we treat, please mouse over the image below. For a consultation with one of our practitioners for any of these conditions, call or book online today!


We treat various conditions at our clinic and have many years experience treating this conditions. We have produced a quick conditions chart for your perusal to help you learn about this common conditions.  Please note this information is not intended as a diagnosis.

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