Dr. Baxter Hickey



Dr. Baxter Hickey attended the University of Calgary where he was enrolled in the Bachelor of Kinesiology program. After his undergraduate studies, he attended the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) in Toronto, ON, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude and earned his Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) degree.

He began his chiropractic journey as a patient back in 2011, when he was competing as a high-level Latin ballroom dancer. Naturally, learning and understanding how the body works and functions had become an interest for Dr. Hickey. Since that time, his passion for health and wellness has flourished, which led him on his path to becoming a chiropractor himself.

Dr. Hickey has taken many courses and seminars throughout his educational career to best care for his patients. In addition to his course load at CMCC, he also completed educational seminars and training in Activator, Thompson, muscle release therapy, instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy, and orthotic casting. Additionally, he has also taken Webster’s technique, which is tailored for the treatment and management of pregnant patients. He has completed training in many newborn, infant, and paediatric adjusting courses and even spent a portion of his clinical internship working at a paediatric wellness clinic before graduation. Being a high level athlete himself, he also enjoys working with different athletes from all types of sports. His treatment plans incorporate rehabilitation of the body and proper nutritional counselling, in addition to mindfulness and meditative practices for stress management. Dr. Hickey’s primary goal is to accurately determine the cause of pain, while also effectively educating his patients on their condition. From newborns to seniors, Dr. Hickey is fully prepared to serve your needs, whether it’s pain relief or general wellness.

In order to keep his skills sharp, Dr. Hickey also works as a clinical instructor with the Canadian Chiropractic Association, where he helps chiropractic students prepare for their national board examinations. During his off-time, Dr. Hickey enjoys a healthy and active lifestyle with his beautiful wife and daughter. He has a passion for anything fitness and regularly participates in resistance training at the gym, hiking in the Rocky Mountains, and biking. During the winter, you can find him downhill and cross-country skiing. He is also well-travelled, having completed many backpacking trips around the world such as the Inca Trail, West Coast Trail, and Nootka Trail.