Dr Kayla Ekkel

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Kayla’s goal is to empower you to have confidence in and control over your health so that you can live life to the fullest. Health is a series of small steps – it is a journey. Dr. Kayla guides you through each step of your healing journey, bringing you out of dysfunction and back into balance.

Originally from Calgary, Dr. Kayla graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor in Kinesiology. Following this, she completed a 4-year degree in Naturopathic Medicine at the Boucher Institute in New Westminster, British Columbia.

Dr. Kayla believes each person is an individual and not a diagnosis. No two people have the same life experiences and no two people experience disease in the same way. Dr. Kayla works closely with each patient to understand the root cause of their health concerns. She creates individualized treatment plans that reflect each person’s unique experiences and health goals. Dr. Kayla uses a combination of supplements, acupuncture, botanical medicine, homeopathy, and nutrition and lifestyle suggestions to create a treatment plan tailored to you.

Outside of the clinic you can find Dr. Kayla walking in the woods, playing tennis, hanging out with her pets, and collecting plants.