Joel Pasloski

Massage Therapist, RMT


Joel Pasloski graduated from the 2200-hour Massage program at the Western College of Remedial Massage Therapies in Regina, Saskatchewan in 2018. Prior to his time as a massage therapist, Joel spent a few years in the field as an Instrumentation & Controls Technician. He had always been interested in healthcare and working with athletes, however, and after consulting with friends in the massage industry, decided to make the change to a career in massage therapy.
As a former bodybuilding and physique competitor, Joel’s passion remains in working with weightlifters and patients who suffer from repetitive strain injuries. He finds fulfilment in educating and empowering his clients to take control of their own bodies through healthy lifestyles and preventative exercise.
Since moving to Calgary in 2018, Joel has discovered a love for climbing and woodworking. In his spare time, you can find him either at the Climbing Center or in his workshop manufacturing products based on seasonal demand.