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Rehabilitation can be the most important part of a patient’s recovery. Strengthening weakened or dysfunctional areas can help prevent a return of symptoms, or get patients back to their regular activities of daily living faster. At Encompass, we have one of the best rehabilitation facilities in Calgary.

What's Involved in Rehabilitation?

Exercise rehabilitation involves progressive and structured physical activity. It helps patients regain strength, movement, and function. A kinesiologist designs a program that is safe and appropriate for each patient. The goal is to help the patient achieve fitness, attain their optimal level of function and reduce pain.

Colin Hillson (Bsc, R Kin, Certified Personal Trainer, CSEP-CPT) offers twenty minutes, one on one sessions to all of our patients. Based on the patient’s diagnosis and ability, Colin creates a personalized exercise prescription and then goes over the exercises to ensure that patient is performing the movements correctly. Repeated sessions are encouraged when necessary.

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Conditions Treated With

Post Surgery

Post-surgical rehabilitation is a physiotherapy program designed to aid in healing and recovery following surgeries such as ORIF after fracture, ligament reconstruction, arthroscopic surgery, and total joint replacement surgery.

Sports Injuries

Rehabilitation following sports injuries such as traumatic injuries, overuse or repetitive motion injuries, and acute sports injuries aim to help people recover from an injury or maintain their functional ability.


Rehabilitation should help to relieve symptoms of arthritis by helping you to maintain the range of motion of the joints, improve your strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination, and to improve your function.

Back and Neck Pain

The aim of rehabilitation is to help people who are living with a disabling long-term back or neck pain or a temporary injury to achieve their maximum possible level of physical function and independence by designing a specific treatment program.

Motor Vehicle Injuries

Rehabilitation helps to decrease pain and improve the function following motor vehicle injuries such as whiplash, sprains, strains, and muscle spasms.


Rehabilitation for tendinopathies will be individually designed to address key factors to improve tissue healing, restore range of motion and strength, reduce pain, and prevent long-term problems.

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Our Rehabilitation Experts


"I have been in physiotherapy for most of my life for various issues this is hands down the best place I have ever gone to. Gaurangi is absolutely amazing. Other places I have gone have been like this; I walk in talk to a phyisotherapist assistant they hand me a print out of exercises and stretches I spend 45 mins doing that with very little supervision or corrections then on to the TENS machine for the last 15 mins. With Gaurangi it is hands on, one on one the whole time. That it what a physiotherapy session should look like. Thanks to all the staff that make this a great place to heal and get stronger."
Randi Falconer
"This place has the most amazing service. We lived next to them 3 years ago when we got into a car accident. Our recovery was made so much faster and easier with all of their services. I would highly recommend Mike and his whole team. Since we started going here we have moved an hour away and still will make the trip to Encompass Sports Therapy for all of our needs."
"Been coming here for years with various injuries. Thanks for helping me heal my broken foot! Would highly recommend this clinic"
Simone Foster

FAQs on Rehabilitation

At Encompass SW, we offer 20 minutes of rehabilitation sessions to our current clients with our Kinesiologist/ Certified Personal Trainer for free of charge. In cases where the complimentary rehabilitation session is not enough, Colin offers a 60-minute personal training session for a fee of $60.

Everyone can benefit from exercise rehabilitation, especially when recovering from an injury or pain. Exercise is an important part of most rehabilitation programs because it helps to establish a regular exercise routine and maintain strength, flexibility, and endurance. Treatment plans are personalized according to patient’s problem list and their goals.

In general, the length of rehabilitation is highly dependent on the nature, extent, and severity of an individual’s symptoms. There is no set timeline for rehabilitation; each injury or illness will be different.

Yes, rehabilitation treatment is very effective. Exercise rehabilitation has long proven effective in recovering from an injury, and pain, countering the effects of aging, and preventing further health problems. The goals of exercise rehabilitation are to restore normal body function, relieve pain, improve strength and endurance, promote cardiovascular fitness, and help maintain mobility in a safe and appropriate manner.

We offer 20 minutes of complimentary rehab sessions to our current clients at Encompass SW. 60 minutes paid personal training sessions are also available by our certified personal trainer if you need a more detailed exercise program.

Kinesiology is the study of muscles, their attachments, and how they move the skeleton with respect to gravity. Because it studies movement, kinesiology is particularly useful in rehabilitation. A kinesiologist recommends exercises for orthopedic injuries and discusses programs that help to restore muscle tone, increase bone density and reduce muscular atrophy.

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