Custom orthotics are medical devices that put your feet and lower limbs in proper alignment. They are made to improve function, stability, and alleviate pain in the feet, legs, and back. Custom orthotics are different from over the counter insoles, as they are made from three dimensional plastic molds of an individual’s feet, and created to address each person’s unique biomechanical differences. Custom orthotics are made by prescription, and are designed to correct specific foot or lower limb conditions.

The benefits of wearing custom-made orthotics include:

-Alleviating pain in the foot, ankle, leg and lower back

-Maintaining proper alignment of the foot and leg and improving balance

-Providing shock absorption and redistribution of pressure across the bottom of the foot

-Offloading pressure from areas of the foot that may be at risk of developing calluses, corns and ulcerations


Conditions that may benefit from custom fit orthotics include:

-Flat feet

-High Arched feet

-Plantar fasciitis

-Metatarsal pain


-Shin splints

-Lower back pain


If you have any questions about custom fit orthotics in Calgary, book an initial consultation with Erika Schultz, our certified pedorthist, or give the clinic a call!