Concussions are complicated injuries that can affect individuals in a variety of ways. When most people hear the term “concussion”, they think about a sport injury, but concussions can occur in many situations, including car accidents and falls. As a result, the management of concussions is a rapidly growing healthcare field.

At our clinic, you will receive an assessment to examine not only your physical symptoms after your concussion, but help evaluate your neurocognitive abilities as well. The therapist will also help examine the interaction of any pre-existing conditions with your concussion and any symptom overlap that you may have, as this will all play a role in your concussion rehabilitation. Your therapist will assess your cervicogenic and vestibular systems, as many times, these are affected with concussions. Based on your assessment, the therapist will work with you to help determine the best management for your concussion. This will include developing a treatment and exercise regime to get you to return to work or play.

If you are worried that you may have suffered a concussion, or want to have a baseline assessment performed for comparison in the event of future concussion, give the clinic a call or book online with our concussion expert, physiotherapist Stephanie Thumlert. Stephanie is a certified Shift Concussion Management Provider, and can properly assess and treat concussions.